Little Nutters: The Card Game

London, Ontario is not only home to the black squirrel. It is also home to many people who go nuts over squirrels. Two Londoners have launched a Kickstarter for their squirrel-themed card game under the banner GameKnights.

Product mockup from Kickstarter campaign

Father and Daughter Build Feeder Business

There was a recent article in the CBC about Splitz’s Squirrel Shacks and the father-daughter team behind the small business. This appealed not just to my interest in squirrels but also in folk art. I’ve always liked how folk art feels real and accessible, and I have several family members who create it.

Two such people are Jay Barr and his daughter Jaila White Barr. Jay’s wife had been feeding the backyard squirrels for years, and requested that he build her a feeder similar to another she had seen. Jay built one called The Nut Barr. In the four months that followed, he and Jaila have built 100 feeders.

The pair live in Wyoming, Ont and their feeder are sold by a number of businesses around Southwestern Ontario. You can also buy them from their Facebook page.

Squirrel feeder called Nut Hortons, a parody of Tim Hortons coffee chain
Squirrel feeder called New York Nuts, a parody of New York Fries fry shack.
Squirrel feeder called Snack-On, a parody of Snap-On tools

Londoner Befriends Squirrel

Londoner Wes Kinghorn has become friends with a squirrel.